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The Satellite Encyclopedia is written by Jean-Philippe DONNIO (Tag's Broadcasting Services) and published by TBS INTERNET, © all rights reserved, 1993-2024.

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Philosophy of this encyclopedia

This satellite encyclopedia is aimed to gather knowlegde into a single easy to use document. Contributions are welcome... You may even become a coauthor of TSE like Jean-Jacques Serra who manages the launch vehicle section! This encyclopedia is published every 3/4 months. Therefore this software is not a final version!

If you are any kind of satellite specialist, satellite operator or constructor, or a space organization we would be very glad to get in touch with you. If for some reason you feel we are not treating your organization's satellites correctly, understand we only work with data we have! Operators are encouraged to send their Technical User Guide and other technical documentations, including preliminary data when available.

If you are the author of a satellite related book or software, or if your organization publishes a magazine or newsletter related to space or satellite, see our special offer in the license agreement.

The fair play

This encyclopedia is shareware: you can use it on a trial basis during SEVEN days; after this delay you should either register or delete it. The shareware version is size-limited. Thus numerous EIRP maps are not included so as Russian programs. That's why you get an error when clicking on those items.

If you use The Satellite Encyclopedia after 7 days of trial or for commercial purposes, you MUST register. The registered version includes:

the full help file with:
500 EIRP maps
the listing of satellites on the Clarke Belt
the calendar with the future launches and details about the related satellites
the Russian programs
all the pages and maps (broken links) not available in this version

TSE is like a magazine: the shareware version is like the copy of a magazine you read at the bookshop. Buying this copy is like registering a single issue of TSE. Registering TSE with the subscription option gives you 4 full issues (one year) which is similar to subscribing to the bookshop magazine. The latter also opens you access to the online edition! Turn to the license agreement for more details.

While every precaution has been taken in the compilation of this data, the publisher assumes no responsability for errors or omissions. Neither is any liability assumed for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein. Please report any errors or omissions.

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Online support is available from the internet via our web server at http://www.TBS-satellite.com/tse/
The online version of TSE is located at http://www.TBS-satellite.com/tse/online/ Check it out for the latest updates of TSE!
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