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Designation 28542 / 05005A
Launch date 12 Feb 2005
Country of origin United States
Mission Military: Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit 29°E
Launch vehicle Ariane V164

Operated by Xtar, a company owned at 56% by Loral and the rest by Hisdesat (see Spainsat).
Capacity to be leased to friendly governments. Control ground station in the Canary Islands.

The Spanish Ministry of Defense (SMOD) is XTAR's first customer, leasing 238 MHz of X-band capacity until its primary satellite, Spainsat, enters service. Later XTAR will provide back-up capacity to the SMOD on XTAR-EUR.
In addition, XTAR will lease eight 72 MHz X-band transponders on Spainsat in order to provide greater flexibility and additional X-band services.

Requires user antennas for X-band of 2.4 meter diameter.


Begin End Position
L: Jan 2022 29°E
Jan 2022   29°E inclined

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Technical data


Prime contractor SS/L
Platform FS-1300
Mass at launch 3631 kg
Dry mass 1412 kg
Dimension 5.4 x 2.9 x 2.2 m
Solar array  
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power EOL: 3.6 kW
Design lifetime 15 years (target: 18 years)

S-band TT&C

X-band (7.250-8.400 GHz)

Main transponders 12
Backup transponders  
Bandwidth 72 MHz
Coverage 2 Global beams (from Eastern Brazil and the Atlantic Ocean, across all of Europe, Africa and the Middle East to as far east as Singapore)
1 beam for Full Europe and the Middle East
4 steerable beams (may overlap)
EIRP max  
G/T max  
Polarization RHCP/LHCP
Has on-board switching.


Main transponders  
Backup transponders  
EIRP max  
Frequencies Uplink:

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