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Thai micro satellite, also called Thai-Paht 1, TO-31


Designation 25396 / 98043C
Launch date 10 Jul 1998
Country of origin Thailand
Mission Remote sensing
Perigee/Apogee 821 km sun-synchronous orbit
Inclination 110°
Period 90 minutes
Launch vehicle Zenit

Was built by Thai engineers at the University of Surrey in Britain and it will operate in a low-earth orbit to monitor forest fires and water pollution and forecast weather.

TMSAT is under funding by The Thai Micro Satellite Company Co.,Ltd.(TMSC), that is a new joint venture between Mahanakorn University of Technology (MUT) and Thai Satellite Telecommunication (TSC) of Bangkok, Thailand.
Cost: $9.8 million

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Technical data


Prime contractor SSTL
Mass at launch 150 kg
Mass in orbit  
Solar array  
DC power  
Design lifetime  

TMSAT has a downlink on 436.925 MHz, uplink on 145.925 MHz, both at 9600 bps FSK

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