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Tempo 2

Renamed Directv 6


Designation 24748 / 97011A
Launch date 8 Mar 1997
Country of origin United States
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Atlas 2A (#106)

The satellite experienced solar flare after launch (11 Apr 1997) and its solar arrays have experienced problems. The satellite is said to suffer from "temporary power fluctuations". It is also claimed that the satellite was not operating normally before the solar flare. Up to 4 transponders might be out of order. Insurance paid $21 million.

TSAT did not accept the satellite (as of Nov 1997) since it is believed that only 85% of the design output power can be achieved. It the satellite is not usable, SS/L has 29 months to provide a replacement satellite.


Begin End Position
L: 8 Mar 1997 Apr 1997 109.5°W
mid-Apr 1997 Jun 2003 119°W
Jul 2003 Oct 2005 109.8°W
Nov 2005 Aug 2006 109.5°W, inclined (spare)

End of life

Out of service 15 Aug 2006
Cause Sent to the junk orbit

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