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Also called NOSS 2-3 or USA 119


Designation 23893 / 96029A
Launch date 12 May 1996
Country of origin United States
Mission Military: ocean reconnaissance (Triplet)
Orbit 1022 km?
Inclination 63.4°?
Launch vehicle Titan 4 #17

Seems to downlink at 250.150 MHz

Sub satellites

USA 120 (23907 / 96029B)
USA 121 (23908 / 96029C)
USA 122 (23862 / 96029D)


A tether satellite was carried with this launch called: Tether Physics and Survivability (TiPS) This experiment consists of 2 small end-masses connected by a 4 km nonconductuve braided tether (total mass: 53 kg). TiPS was jettisoned from its "host vehicle" on 20 June. It is aimed to test the survivability of the tether. The tether is predicted to have a mean life of 5 years before it is cut by orbital debris. The observed life of TiPS will help understand and validate these theoretical predictions.

The two objects could be USA 123 (23936 / 96029E) & 124 (23937 / 96029F)

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