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Milstar 2-1


Designation 25724 / 99023A
Launch date 30 Apr 1999
Country of origin United States
Mission Military: Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit n/a
Launch vehicle Titan 4 #27

Loss worth $800 million, satellite was not insured.

End of life

Out of service 30 Apr 1999
Cause The top stage fired the intended 3 times but did so much too early. The satellite separated 4 hours early, and this caused the spacecraft to remain in LEO.

The spacecraft was raised to a slightly higher orbit, using its onboard thrusters. Satellite controllers then turned off all functions, deliberately exhausted the on-board liquid fuel supply and drained all remaining electrical power from the spacecraft. The decision to raise the satellite to a terminal orbit was made after controllers exhausted all possible options to salvage it or raise it to a geostationary orbit.

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