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Meteosat 8

Also called MSG 1


Designation 27509 / 02040B
Launch date 28 Aug 2002
Country of origin Europe
Mission Meteorology
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Ariane V155

While Meteosat 8 works fine as far as its meteorological instruments are concerned, it can't be used as planned for re-broadcasting data after they have been processed on the ground. The satellite's solid state power amplifier SSPA-C failed in October 2002. Commercial telecommunications satellites are used for IP multicast propagation of data.

On 22 May 2007, the satellite was hit by a piece of micro-meteorite or space junk. The incident affected on-board envirronment as the thermal protection was damaged. Nevertheless it can still perform its backup mission.


Begin End Position
L: 28 Aug 2002 Jan 2004 10.5°W
Feb 2004 Apr 2008 3.4°W
May 2008 Feb 2013 9.5°E
Feb 2013 Jun 2016 4°E
Sep 2016 Sep 2022 41.5°E

End of life

Out of service Oct 2022
Cause Sent to just orbit

Was expected to retire in 2025.

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Technical data


Telemetry on 2246.49 MHz

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