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Intelsat 101

Also called Early Bird


Designation 01317 / 65028A
Launch date 6 Apr 1965
Country of origin International
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit 35752/35823 km, 27.5°W
Launch vehicle Thor Delta #30

End of life

Out of service May 1970

Technical data


Prime contractor Hughes
Mass at launch 68 kg
Mass in orbit 38.5 kg
Diameter 0.71 m
Height 0.59 m
Stabilization spin stabilized (120 rpm)
DC power BOL: 45 W
EOL: 33 W
Design lifetime 1.5 year

The antenna platform didn't counter rotate thus most of the power didn't reach the Earth. The antenna was 360° omnidirectional!


Main transponders
Power 6 W
Bandwidth 25 MHz
EIRP max 11.5 dBW
Capacity 240 phone circuits or 1 TV channel

Didn't allow multiple access: the European stations: Pleumeur-Bodou (France), Goonhilly Downs (UK), Raisting (Germany) and Fucino (Italy) used to operated 1 week per month!

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