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Heao 2

Also called "Einstein observatory"


Designation 11101 / 78103A
Launch date 13 Nov 1978
Country of origin United States
Mission Scientific: X-ray astronomy
Perigee/Apogee 526/548 km
Inclination 23.5°
Period 95.4 min
Launch vehicle Atlas Centaur
Launch site Cape Canaveral

Equipped with a 58cm diameter telescope with a 3.3m focal length. The satellite also contained five other instruments, 4 of which shared the use of the telescope to make a variety of measurements of X-rays emitted by stellar objects. The fifth instrument, independent of the telescope, measured properties of X-rays beyond the telescope's energy range.

Built by TRW Defense and Space Systems for NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

End of life

Decay 25 Mar 1982

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Technical data


Prime contractor TRW
Mass at launch approx. 3 t
Mass in orbit  
Solar array  
Stabilization 3-axis
DC power 600 W
Design lifetime 0.5 year

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