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Goes 17

Was named Goes S before launch


Designation 43226 / 18022A
Launch date 1 March 2018
Country of origin United States
Mission Meteorology
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Atlas 5 #76

Same as Goes 16

In May 2018, it was announced the satellite has a serious cooling problem on its primary instrument that could affect the quality of its pictures. The investigation concluded the most likely cause of the ABI cooling issue is a blockage in the instrument's loop heat pipes, which transfer heat from the ABI electronics to its radiator. The blockage restricted the flow of coolant in the loop heat pipes, causing the ABI to overheat and reducing the sensitivity of infrared sensors. Engineers found mitigation to enable data ABI production for 97% of the projected use.

Went operational in Feb 2019.

In Aug 2019 an anomaly occured. Another anomaly happened in July 2021.


Begin End Position
L: Mar 2018 Oct 2018 89.5°W
Nov 2018 Jan 2023 137.2°W
Feb 2023   104.7°W

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