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Goes 13

Was named Goes N before launch


Designation 29155 / 06018A
Launch date 24 May 2006
Country of origin United States
Mission Meteorology
Geostationary orbit 89.5°W
Launch vehicle Delta 4 #315

Goes N introduces a new system to replace WEFAX: LRIT (Low Rate Image Transmission). This system is digital, 128 kbps.
Satellite worth $481 million


Begin End Position
L: 24 May 2006 Oct 2006 89.5°W
Nov 2006 Feb 2010 105°W
Apr 2010 Jan 2018 75°W
Feb 2018 Jun 2019 59°W
Feb 2020 Nov 2023 61.5°E, EWS-G1

End of life

Out of service Nov 2023?

In Sep 2012 the satellite experienced a malfunction with its sounder due to a motor vibration and was brough offline. It could be fixed in mid October. Another incident occured in May 2013 (probably a micrometeroid which hit the arm of a solar panel array).

Was taken over in 2020 after a backup period by the DoD (purchased) and relocated at 61.5°East and renamed EWS-G1 (Electro-Optical Infrared Weather System) in Sep 2020 as it was declared operational.

Technical data


SXI (Solar X-ray Imager)

Carries a new Solar X-ray imager (SXI). It was designed and built by Lockheed Martin Space Systems.

A prototype SXI was developed, tested, and calibrated and launched aboard the GOES 12 satellite in July 2001. The new SXI has a factor of two greater spatial resolution than the prototype, and like some high-end home video cameras, it has active internal jitter compensation that provides a stable picture even when the spacecraft is moving. Additionally, more sophisticated computer control allows SXI to react automatically to changing solar conditions.
The imager maps the X-ray emitting regions on the Sun in the bands 0.6-3.0 and 0.6-6.0 nm, once per minute.

The new Image Navigation and Registration (INR) system will use star trackers to provide precision image navigation and registration information for use with the Imaging and Sounding data products. This will improve precision.

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