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Goes 09

Also known as Goes J


Designation 23581 / 95025A
Launch date 23 May 1995
Country of origin United States
Mission Meteorology
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Atlas Centaur

It has replaced Goes 7. Cost: $220 million

Moved to over the middle of the Pacific in early-2003 to help Japan cope with the end of life on GMS 5, before Mtsat 2 is launched. The monthly rent will amount to $127500.


Begin End Position
L: 23 May 1995 Dec 1995 90°W
Feb 1996 Aug 1998 135°W
Aug 1998 1999 drifting around 100°W
2000 Dec 2003 drifting around 105°W
Apr 2003 May 2003 154°E
Jun 2003 Nov 2005 155°E
Dec 2005 Jun 2007 159.5°E

End of life

Out of service Jun 2007
Cause moved to junk orbit

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Technical data


The satellite lost a backup motor because of overheating. To cope with this problem the spacecraft, normally facing the earth all the time, will periodically be turned into another direction (4 times a year when the problem is more important). Since 1998 it is unused.

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