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Goes 02

Also called Goes B


Designation 10061 / 77048A
Launch date 16 Jun 1977
Country of origin United States
Mission Meteorology
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Thor Delta #131

The satellite was reactivated in April 1995 (was desactivated in 1993) to transmit educational programming in S-band (used by Peacesat (see Goes 07)). Used by the NSF to transmit live television broadcasts from its South Pole Station to public broadcasting facilities in the United States. Mission ended in May 2001.


Begin End Position
L: 16 Oct 1975   105°W
24 Oct 1993   136°W, inclination: 9.4°

End of life

Out of service May 2001
Cause boosted in higher orbit

Technical data

Built by Ford Aerospace
Downlink frequency: 136.38, 1681.6, 1691 and 2297.5925 MHz

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