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Also called Himawari 5


Designation 23522 / 95011B
Launch date 17 Mar 1995
Country of origin Japan
Mission Meteorology
Geostationary orbit 140°E, inclined
Launch vehicle H2

Tested in 159.5°E

End of life

Out of service Jun 2005
Cause Upped to junk orbit

Carries an experimental payload to relay search and rescue UHF emergency beacons and data from aircraft and ships.

In late 2001 it only has 6 kg of fuel left and stationkeeping operations have been suspended (in October).

Was replaced by Goes 09 in May 2003.

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Technical data


The spacecraft spins at 100 rpm. It carries a Star 27 solid motor which placed it in geostationary orbit. 48 kg of fuel.

The satellite can produce a new image of the Earth every 25 minutes(resolution of 1.25 km (visible) and 5.0 km (infrared)). GMS-5 carries an extra infrared channel to measure atmospheric water-vapour distribution.

Downlink frequency-bands: UHF or VHF, L and S-band

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