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In the nordic mythology Freja is the goddess of Love and fecundity


Designation 22161 / 92064A
Launch date 6 Oct 1992
Country of origin Sweden
Operator Swedish Space Corporation
Mission Scientific: magnetosphere study
Perigee/Apogee 586/1767 km
Inclination 63°
Period 108.9 min
Launch vehicle Long March 2
Mass at launch 230 kg

Successor of Viking with instruments for research into the Earth's magnetosphere and the aurora. Carries magnetic particles detectors and magnetic field captors.

End of life

Out of service 16 Oct 1996
Cause out of control

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Technical data


Prime contractor Swedish Space Corp.
Mass at launch 265 kg
Diameter 2.2 m
Stabilization Spin stabilized (10 rpm)
DC power EOL: 130 W
Design lifetime 2 years


Boom length 15 m
Telemetry data rate 250-500 kbps (2 Mbps burst)
Transmitter power 2 W
Frequencies 400.55 MHz (1200 bps), 2208.163 MHz

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