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Falcon Gold


Designation 25020 / 97065B
Launch date 25 Oct 1997
Country of origin United States
Mission Scientific
Perigee/Apogee 222/35263 km
Inclination 26.4°
Period 621 min
Launch vehicle Atlas Centaur #111 + IABS

Cadets and Faculty of the United States Air Force Academy, in cooperation with University of Colorado-Colorado Springs have designed this satellite. It was attached to the upper stage.

This mission, named Falcon Gold, will be responsible for sampling the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal from behind the GPS constellation and downlinking spectrum samples to ground stations for post processing.

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End of life

Out of service 9 Nov 1997
Cause batteries dead (normal termination)

Estimated lifetime: 3 weeks
Downlink: 400.475 MHz

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