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Sea Launch Demonstration Satellite


Designation 25661 / 99014A
Launch date 28 Mar 1999
Country of origin United States
Mission Experimental
Launch vehicle Zenit #31 (first Sea Launch)
Launch site Sea Launch Odyssey

During pre-launch preparations, the Odyssey (located at 154°W and 0°N) was partially submerged for added stability. The rocket, with payload, then was withdrawn from its hangar on the platform, lifted into a vertical position, fuelled with kerosene and liquid oxygen (LOX), and launched. The fuelling and launch was completely automated and co-ordinated from the Sea Launch Commander.

The first two stages of the Zenit are built by Yuhznoe in the Ukraine. The third stage is a Blok DM-SL, built by Energiya/Kaliningrad and based on the Blok DM series used for Proton upper stages. Its first burn placed it in a 180 x 735 km x 1.2 deg parking orbit 13 min after launch, followed by a second burn 47 min after launch to deliver DemoSat to a 638 x 36064 km x 1.2 deg geostationary transfer orbit. A third DM-SL burn is then expected to lower the orbit for a quick reentry.

The rocket has a specific guidance computer (not the standard Zenit one)

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Technical data


Prime contractor Boeing Commercial Space
Platform HS-702
Mass at launch 4500 kg
Mass in orbit  
Solar array  
DC power  
Design lifetime  

Carries 130 sensors. Telemetry relayed in real time directly and by TDRS

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