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Cosmos 2370


Designation 26354 / 00023A
Launch date 3 May 2000 at 13:25 UT
Country of origin CIS
Mission Military: reconnaissance (derived from Yantar' 4KS1, also called Neman)
Perigee/Apogee 232/313 km
Inclination 64.8°
Period 89.6 min
Launch vehicle Soyuz
Launch site Tyuratam

It was built by TsSKB-Progress.

The Neman relays digital imagery to earth via geostationary comsats and is the Russian equivalent of the KH 11. Neman was first launched in Feb 1986 (Cosmos 1731).

Said to relay data through Geizer satellites.

End of life

Decay 4 May 2001

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