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Comstar 4

Also called Esiafi 1 (means Star Trail)


Designation 12309 / 81018A
Launch date 21 Feb 1981
Country of origin United States
Mission Telecommunications
Geostationary orbit see below
Launch vehicle Atlas Centaur
Launch site Cape Canaveral

Used for telephony and data transmission, especially to and from ships in U.S. coastal waters and the Caribbean region.

SSC Parallax purchased the satellite in July 2001 from LMGT. The projected end of life is Jan 2005.

In April 2002, the satellite was bought by Tongasat and renamed Esiafi 1. Its footprint is centered on Turkey and ranges from France to India.


Begin End Position
L: 21 Feb 1981   75.4°W
< Mar 1995 Jul 2001 76°W, inclined
Oct 2001 Dec 2003 70°E, inclined, Parallax 1
Aug 2004   varies from 70 to 80°E, inclined, Esiafi 1

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Technical data

Lyngsat transponder loading

Transponder frequency chart

Current coverage (at 70°E): Europe, Middle East, Western Asia. Antennas as said to be constantly repointed to stay in sync with its high inclination.

Telemetry beacons: 3.7005 & 4.1990 GHz
Command beacon: 5.925-5.928 GHz

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