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Program: Resurs

Soviet remote sensing satellite program operated by the Priroda ('Nature') center of the Russian Central Geodesy and Cartography Agency (GUGK).

The F2-series satellites had about 1 month lifetime while the F1 series had only half. The results of the mission (films) are sent back to earth in a reentry vehicle.

A new series named Resurs DK was to be launched in 1999. First launch in 2006!


Resurs F20 is 60th in Resurs-F series. There were 4 types of Resurs-F spacecrafts: three of Resurs-F1 type and Resurs-F2. First Resurs-F1 named Cosmos 1127 was launched at 10:20 UTC on 5 Sep 1979 from LC41 of Plesetsk cosmodrome. First one of Resurs-F2 series (Cosmos 1906) was launched at 11:30 UTC on 26 Dec 1987 from LC16 of Plesetsk.

There were a total of 50 spacecrafts of Resurs-F1 types (28 of the 1st type, 6 of the 2nd and 16 of the 3rd) and 10 of Resurs-F2 type launched. There were also two launch failures at the launch of Resurs-F1 of the 2nd and the 3rd types. So, there were 62 launch attempts of Resurs-F spacecrafts.

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