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Compatible software

The Satellite Encyclopedia winhelp edition is compatible with some windows based software. This enables you to call your favorite satellite reference from those fine products with a single keystrike! Here is a list of those products with a description:


This is a shareware tracking program which offer numerous goodies to ease your everyday monitoring. It handles an elements database and cares about the updates. It provides a logbook and a callbook to hold your records. It also provides antenna and propagation utilities.
You can get the full information on Logsat from http://www.logsat.comtruc/ or contact Logsat by mail: support@logsat.com


This is a satellite tool box gathering all you need to install a satellite dish and design a reception station (from personal dish to ground earth station). It can calculate link budgets (analog, digital, SCPC) so as all kind of look angles. Moreover giving parameters of your reception station it will tell you the diameter of the dish you need to get a signal. It is ready to use with a database of towns around the globe.
You can get more information from here: http://www.arrowe.co.uk/ (where a freeware version is available) or contact its author at djsteph@arrowe.co.uk


This is a program for computing artificial Earth-satellite position and visibility, with the Amateur Radio Satellite operator in mind. Quite simple to use it can operate with several different calculation models. Moreover it is freeware!
You can find the full documentation of Winorbit at http://www.sat-net.com/winorbit/ so as download the software. You can contact its author at cgregory@uiuc.edu

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